3D Technology &
Engineering Excellence
Accelerate Your Building
Projects & Minimize Waste

The First & Only Fully Integrated,Continuous
Construction Verification Software

BuildIT Construction is the first solution to provide building and facility project quality assurance (QA) and quality control (QC) management that allows you to facilitate AND accelerate:

  • Validation to Design
  • Tolerance Evaluation
  • Positioning & Monitoring

Construction sites are becoming remote factories in need of build and verify solutions. This has created a tolerance level for scrap and rework as “a part of normal business” for building projects.

BuildIT Construction,with 3D laser scanning,is the first consolidated software and hardware solution that enables users to perform immediate,real-time build and verify analysis throughout the entire project to facilitate a new,superior level of cost management and operational efficiency.

Leveraging cutting-edge 3D metrology capabilities,this new software delivers confident management of all QA and QC processesfor continuous project evaluation with real-time validation of 3D scan data to CAD designs.

Quality Control Abilities to Measure with Confidence

In addition to measuring virtually ANY feature in your project – walls,columns,beams,floors,pipes,etc.– against your digital designs,BuildIT Construction’s unique workflows include:

Validate Design

Ensure buildings are being constructed to design specifications

Tolerance Evaluation

Keep projects on schedule while reducing scrap,time and resources

Position & Monitor

Establish risk mitigation, liability documentation and quality prefabrication

Maximize Project Efficiency in Every Application

BuildIT Construction software is designed to execute QA/QC processes during the building and facility project lifecycle. Industries include:

  • Architecture
  • Civil/Survey
  • Construction
  • Facility Management
  • Historical Preservation
  • Mechanical,Electrical&Plumbing(MEP)

Seamless Hardware Integration

While BuildIT Construction is optimized for the FARO Focus Laser Scanner, Laser Trackers and TracerM Laser Projector, it can also be used seamlessly with other third-party hardware.